Fairview Estate welcomes you to a unique coffee educational tourism experience that includes

(a) Understanding how coffee is grown (b) Learning about the processing process (c) Tasting at least a couple of Fairview’s renowned brands.

We have two exciting coffee tours daily between 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. To ensure a place on these tours that are in high demand one should make an early booking through our website or via our land line 0774 472756. The tours immerse you in the intricate details of the coffee making process from the budding of the flowers to the final cup of freshly brewed coffee. Our coffee tours are customized for you to get the most out of it. Our Coffee Promotions Specialist takes keen interest around our guest experience and is there to ensure you have an educative, fun and memorable experience. Should you wish to discuss a customized package for a corporate event or large organized group, please call our offices to discuss this with us.

During peak seasons, Fairview Estate employs as many as 400 people to prune and irrigate coffee trees as well as harvest and sort coffee beans. In a region famed for its coffee, it is the human care, experience and expertise of our workers that make Fairview coffee so outstanding. Our department in charge of the coffee tourism activities are well versed in the coffee production process and are therefore available for coffee tours as per request

How well do you know your coffee? Can you tell the difference between medium, dark and light roast? Even better, can you differentiate between coffee grades? Our very own Barista will guide you through the distinct tastes of the brewed coffee and will also explain all the factors that affect the flavour of the final brew.

Yes we have a coffee shop

While at the farm, aside from the coffee tours, you may wish to purchase freshly roasted coffee beans packaged in 500 grams. This is available at a cost of Kenya Shillings 1,000 per branded bag or $USD 10 or you can get in a special bag for $USD 15/KES 1,500. For larger order quantities of above 20 bags we can arrange for deliveries within the Nairobi region.

While at the farm, we want you to fall in love with the beauty of Fairview Estate, from the breathtaking Riara waterfall, the rolling landscapes and the scenic walking trails. Fairview Estate offers you the following services and experiences:

  • Coffee Tourism rates - Non-Residents $USD 30, Residents Ksh 2,000, Kenyan Citizens(Adults) Ksh 1,000, Children 12-18 years Ksh 500, Children below 12 accompanied by paying adult-Free. We have a morning tour (10am-12pm) and an afternoon tour (2pm-4pm).
  • Accommodation – Cottage all ensuite suitable for families, friends and couples (in development).
  • Wedding Grounds – An amazing venue for a garden weddings, teambuilding activities and outdoor functions. The grounds are also available for photo shoots at Kshs 10,000 per hour.
  • Bird Watching – If you love bird watching, you are in for a treat. Fairview is a sanctuary to a diverse range of birdlife.
  • Cycling – Enjoy a bicycle ride into the rough terrain while enjoying the sheer beauty of Fairview Estate.
  • Nature Walks – Take your mind off the hustle and bustle of life with a relaxing walk into the coffee fields and eventually end up at the waterfalls.
  • Dairy Tours - At an extra fee of $US 5 or Kshs 500 enjoy a tour and see how our Friesian cows are taken care of. If your child has never milked a cow, our dairy staff will be happy to arrange for this if discussed in advance of the tour.
  • Fishing – at an extra charge of $US 20 or Kshs 2,000, one will be able to enjoy fishing from our scenic dam although we do not provide fishing bait.

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