exciting coffee tours at Fairview Estate

Enjoy the sites
and sounds of our estate

Enjoy the sites and sounds of our estate


Our Waterfall

Centrally located, the waterfall gives a lovely atmosphere to the surroundings and is a site to behold


Green Surrounding

At Fairview Estate, we have invested in keeping our environment green with beautiful, even as we grow our coffee

A little bit about Fairview Estate

In the heart of Kenya’s Central Highlands, home to the world’s finest coffee, lies Fairview Coffee Estate. This beautiful coffee farm with nearly 100 acres under coffee is situated 1,750meters above sea level. The farm is irrigated by the Riara River that is in turn fed by streams from the Kenyan Highlands. Since the early 1900’s, Fairview Estate’s fertile soils have produced high quality coffee through the use of holistic production methods that take our customers concerns for a healthy environment seriously.

We introduce the concept of coffee tourism to our visitors, who get to experience a coffee tour around our coffee farm, getting to learn about the Fairview Estate coffee brand and it's production.

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Coffee Industry, employing a large population of people

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